A Walk By The Sea

AwakenatthewharfAnnapolisAwaken along the C&D canal

A walk by the sea, on the way to a Lift On A Wave. Stories grow out of experience, experience matures in the course of life, and hopefully we have time to appreciate all the joy and pain experience leaves with her passing. Writers, as a whole, are left with the task of passing on experience, in a way taking the past and making it useable again. Entertainment, I suppose, is an end-goal of writing, but as “entertaining” as writing may be, reading is where the real story plays out.

It’s kind of fun where reading takes us, isn’t it? Whether it’s Thomas Mann or Tom Clancy, the journey’s the thing. Perhaps just to experience the world vicariously for a while every now and then, or to re-experience what the writer had in his mind, reading is a kind of mystical experience, and I say mystical advisedly. We take an author’s words into our minds, in effect, we take a form of experience into our minds. We may be entertained, we may learn, we may even read to reinforce our own experience of the world, but in the end we’ll be challenged to look at the world through another’s experience.

Awaken compass

Awaken has been my window on the world for years, my magic carpet – if you will, where a lot of my stories came to life. Sitting behind the wheel in the middle of the night, the sea my living companion, provided a fertile playground for the imagination to roam. Stories came alive out there, and I banked them away, waiting for the time to release them. Sometimes Awaken has been my time machine, too, taking me places no nautical chart could. She was home to my imagination, we grew our story together. Still, above all she was my home, taking me into inlets and villages I would have never experienced without her help.

Awaken wake

Hanging out in Colorado the past few years has been a time of recovery and reflection, thinking about the journey, giving me time to write. Most of the stories I’ve written since 2005 have been posted on Literotica, but I’ll be expanding the scope of where they’ll be available soon – and it’s hoped this “blog” will facilitate accessibility as these ongoing projects develop and come alive, so to speak. Still, I wanted to record the origins of some of these stories here, maybe slip in a few previews from time to time, but of equal importance, I wanted this space to become a home for reader’s comments and thoughts about these works.

So, away we go. Next up, some thoughts about TimeShadow, and it’s prequel NightSide, two current works-in-progress. I think the final versions of these will be posted on Radish, an iOS platform App. This is an experiment, and a departure for me, so we’ll see how it goes.

See you next time, and thanks for coming along.


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