By Lifting Winds Forgot

Taking a break from the TimeShadow series the past few days, working on at new, more typical (for me, anyway) romance, titled By Lifting Winds Forgot, and this story will appear on Literotica first. By the by, the title derives from Poe’s “The City In The Sea” – a typically uplifting bit of poetry from him (insert sarcasm here). The appropriate part of the stanza:

Around, by lifting winds forgot, 
Resignedly beneath the sky 
The melancholy waters lie.

I was never that into Poe, by the by, but thought this coloratura fitting when fiddling with the story outline. Hyperion Schicksalslied (Hyperion’s Song of Fate, derived from Hölderlin’s Hyperion) was much on my mind while working on the overall direction of this story, as well as some structural elements (the log entries forming the epistolary theme). Oh, Deutsche Gramophone has a very nice version of the Brahms rendering of the Schicksalslied, along with his Symphony No 3; worth a listen if into the German Romantics, and would probably make good listening while reading (yes, it’s on iTunes; no, I’m not an employee of Apple!).

Awaken has been much on my mind lately. She typically sits unused over the winter, but did last summer as well when my son and I took off on our bikes and rode up through the big parks “Out West”: (Teton, Yellowstone, Glacier, Banff and Jasper).


Anyway, I miss her. I miss the water, the sea, and I’ve found myself dreaming of sailing lately, and memory being what it is, dove into the warehouse and pulled this story out.

waiting for the storm

Ah, one of the elements in the story concerns John Lennon of The Beatles, and a word about this is in order. Several years ago a reader on Lit wrote to me; I think she wanted to write (i.e., needed to write) but was having trouble finding her footing. I tried to create ideas she could expand upon and then went over her work, adding suggestions and, I hope, helping her on her way. The exercises centered on a young lady coming upon the ghost of John Lennon sitting on a bluff overlooking the English Channel (which seemed appropriate, given our conversations), and ever since I’ve wanted to play with the idea on my own. Anyway, that’s the origin of that part of the story. Never heard from her again after a while, don’t know what she did with the idea, but there you go…

And that leads me back to Driftwood. Lennon, as well as Sumner and Charley figured prominently in parts of that story, which itself is a prelude to An Evening at the Carnival with Mr Christian (not posted…yet), so of course you’ll see By Lifting Winds Forgot as a part of the carnival to come.

“Forgot” ought to be posted within a few days, so out on Lit within a week or so. That said, thanks for dropping by, and we’ll see you next time.

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