Shadows of Shadows Passing

awaken wind instruments

wind instruments on Awaken, (l) graph of wind over a five minute period, (c) apparent speed in knots, and (r) apparent wind angle (a nasty day!)

Working on the next part of By Lifting Winds Forgot this week (or, The Journey from Driftwood, as it’s subtitled), and am keeping with the riff on Poe for the title. Shadows of Shadows Passing derives from The Fall of the House of Usher, but as is usual with me, music defined the choice. The Alan Parsons Project, in their classical rendering of The Fall of the House of Usher (on the album Tales of Mystery and Imagination) presents a reworking of fragments from an unfinished opera by Debussy, of course with a little ‘rock’ and electronica thrown in for good measure. I’ve always enjoyed the album, especially the Orson Welles narration. The suite ends with To One In Paradise, one of my favorites.

Lots going on in By Lifting Winds Forgot, and I don’t want to give too much away, but yes, as mentioned it’s a direct sequel to Driftwood – and another in a series of prequel trilogies planned for An Evening at the Carnival with Mr Christian. Mr Christian has always been planned as an October release, but I couldn’t this past year; it’s scope keeps expanding and I’ll have to edit out a lot of extraneous dead ends for it to make sense. As I work on Christian, I see new possibilities for these prequels, too. Without going too far out on a limb here, these prequels won’t make total sense until the end of the “evening” at the carnival, and these trilogies will form a coda to the evening. And yes, the dolphins seen in Passegiatta are a part of this story, too. I think it’s going to end up being a fun read, and I’ll probably post a single combined Evening after the fragments come out.

Below, a view of the chartplotter on Awaken, this taken as Hurricane Sandy was barreling up the east coast, a day before it hit Annapolis. There’s all kinds of information on this screen, including land, depths, radar overlay showing storm and rain intensity, as well as wind speed and direction vectors (the little F-shaped figures, with three feathers on the F meaning thirty knots, etc.), and the vector equals wind direction as well. These will show up in Shadows, so they’re illustrated here for general reference.

awaken plotter wx overlay

Forgot has been submitted at Literotica, should come out soon. One last hint about Shadows…so far, anyway!

awaken chopper

I’m only about ten pages into Shadows. Forgot ended up at 55 pages single spaced, BTW. It’ll take a week or so to finish up…and I’ll post updates here this week.

Thanks for dropping by… A

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