And The Stars Shall Not Look Down

Well into the third installment of this first ‘Post-Driftwood‘ trilogy; first part posted to Literotica quite a while ago, and trouble getting it posted has delayed release. If this continues, well, that’s that as far as I am concerned. There are too many venues opening up to rely on a portal that doesn’t deliver the goods to it’s writers – as well as to their readers. Enough said.

And the Stars Shall Not Look Down takes off right where Pt II (Shadows of Shadows Passing, complete, post pending as well) leaves off. This storyline is turning out to be another exploration of the ‘flawed hero’–  with a few twists and turns along the way. The action takes place on an Island Packet 485, in Brighton and the Seine.

So, sailboats and France, my favorite things to write about. The title derives from Poe once again, from his short poem Spirits of the Dead (my word, but that fellow was morbid…). I think I’ve focused more on the details of sailing this time out because I’m really beginning to miss the sea, and sailing, more than I ever expected I would. Colorado is wonderful, and while this has been a warm winter, we’ve still had almost 400 inches of snow at the house, with 2 to 3 feet in the forecast the next few days. Looming physical limitations aside, going back to Awaken would be a big step for me.

Marina moonrise

Part III will be done by the end of the week. Hopefully these works will get posted sometime soon as well. I’m hopeful Literotica will come through soon.

Thanks for dropping by, and we’ll have more later in the week. A

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