The Ceremony of Innocence

Working now on the second Driftwood Trilogy, tentatively titled The Ceremony of Innocence (derived from Yeat’s The Second Coming). This storyline is an abrupt departure from the Collins storyline, and takes up with a new storyline which you’ll only see come fully to life in An Evening at The Carnival With Mr Christian. Where all these lives come from, their backstories and destinies, will come together in Mr Christian, and a complex, disparate tale will begin to resolve into something meaningful, but you’ll note (and I hope take some comfort) in a series of familiar friends that appear in all these tales.

Ceremony will, of course, involve the sea, and like By Lifting Winds Forgot will involve the confluence of worlds and ideas that exists between mysticism and psychiatry. By Lifting Winds Forgot also delves a little into the contemporary political world of terrorism and interventionism (and it’s myriad consequences), and a similar vein one exists in Ceremony. The protagonist in this latest story is a cop, by the by, in Los Angeles, so the milieu here is a sudden departure from Forgot. There are similarities between Collins and Ted Sherman, but I doubt they’ll jump off the page just yet.Ceremony clouds

Winter seems a never ending monster this time of year, and today read we’ve had over thirty feet (yes, feet) of snow here, but that’s life in Colorado. Oh how the sun and sea call out on days like this. Looking out the window now I can’t see ten yards. Pure snow driving by in 30 knot winds, and it’s only going to increase the next few days.

So, more time to write.

And away we go! Thanks for dropping by, and we’ll update you when Ceremony is submitted.  AL | abw

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