The Balancing Act

About to get at it this morning, first sun in days – and my desk is calling.

Latest comment at Lit concerns TimeShadow, to wit: take your time. So, that story is out there, hanging in the breeze, and while I’ve been thinking about it most of my own limited brain capacity seems taken up by this Journey from Driftwood, which I hate to say has been consumptive of all my time for the past few weeks. The first installment of Ceremony of Innocence wakes me up in the middle of the night…a thought here, another there, go down and fire up the Mac and before I know it I’ve been down there working for hours. This poor story has been written and rewritten three times now.

Still, TimeShadow. It’s scope has been expanded somewhat, which will of course mean revisions to what’s already out there. So…as I think I mentioned in an earlier post, when that story finally comes to a boil it will have been consolidated from the current slow, multi-chapter postings to one big heaping plateful of SciFi spaghetti.

And I guess that’s the point of this little early morning ramble. I’ve got this whole Journey thing going, and TimeShadow, and then there’s the whole over-arching Mr Christian project guiding the way, all on the stovetop bubbling away. AND I want to consolidate and garnish Passegiatta, fold it into the Driftwood project. AND the ancient Starlight Sonata, as I see it now, belongs in the mix too.

AND I see on my calendar this morning…an appointment with a surgeon tomorrow, and that stuff weighs on my mind, too. That old shark, still out there, circling. Writing keeps those thoughts from intruding, but that’s a concern as I write.

So enough of that. Time to head back to Seattle and Vancouver and the dusty corridors of the Memory Warehouse, because Ted and Carol’s story, and Hope’s destiny, are waiting to take flight.

Ceremony of Innocence Chapter 1 is complete and I’ll post it today, so hopefully you’ll see it on Lit within a week or so.

Comments, questions or gripes? I think there’s a comments section here that might work, or over at Lit. Anyway, thanks for dropping by and coming along.


2 thoughts on “The Balancing Act

  1. been thinking about the difficulties posting on Lit. took a moment to browse a few of the other authors I have enjoyed. I found a common thread, those that also publish blogs, or offer their wares on commercial sites, leave the links off the individual stories, but post quite openly on their bio pages. have you read the bio page for MoogPlayer?


  2. RB: no, I haven’t read the bio, but I understand what happened, and why. And yes, it concerns this type of blog, or any sort of self-promotion ‘on their dime.’ That is simply Literotica’s prerogative, and I’m in no position to tell them how to operate their site, nor do I want to. The only point I’ve expressed is that Literotica’s model is to use unpaid authors, free labor on which they profit, and I rarely see that as a win-win situation. But, as a writer posting there, I have the option to accept those terms – or to move on. Another consideration: my work has never conformed to the business model Literotica thrives on, so over them long term is ultimately of little value to them. I get that, too, but I’m thankful, indeed most grateful for Literotica giving me a chance to write, to develop my own style free of commercial restraint, and to lend my work an audience. I have no ‘hard feelings’ – just feel the time has come for me to move on, explore other options and see where this takes my work. If I do write something that seems to fit the Literotica audience better than another site, I’ll post there. Literotica isn’t ‘the enemy’ here, and I’m certainly not ‘a victim.’


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