Time, Like a River

Working on the second chapter of Ceremony of Innocence all day today (when not out shoveling snow), plowing through some old memories, digging up a few fresh insights into old emotions from other days.

Anyway, pushing snow around is a good thing. It’s mindless work, which leaves a part of the brain free to think, and besides, if I don’t do it I don’t eat. My driveway is about a half mile long, steep as hell, and there’s a nasty switchback about halfway down just for the thrill of it all (my neighbor’s kids use my driveway as a ski hill, she pulls them back up on her snowmobile!). Anyway…pushing snow is good for thinking. When you’re trying to write, thinking is a very good thing…

Chapter 2 of Ceremony is subtitled “Happy the Man, Who Pure Truth Finds…” – another quote from Goethe’s Faust, Pt I (the Study scene, if interested), and the line isn’t a random choice, as you’ll see. This story is a series of curveballs, hard to see, and harder to know where it’s going. Enough said, for now. It’s just not going where you think it is.

Chapter 3’s outline is taking shape. Thinking about how I want to wrap this part of the trilogy up…I kept coming back to The Alan Parson’s Project, to the song Time, from their 1980 release The Turn of a Friendly Card. I guess without being too coy about things, listen to that one if you want to hear a few clues about where the Ceremony is headed.

Oh…If you’re convinced this is Ted Sherman’s story…well, sorry, but try again.

See you next time, and thanks for coming along.  A

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