Thoughts & Echoes

Grumble-rant. And still Literotica seems to not want to post the last Chapter of By Lifting Winds Forgot. It sits ignored in the queue, waiting for the light of day. The last time this happened all my queries were ignored, no replies received, so I’m kind of in a state of “why bother” now. Sorry. I hope they’ll release it one day. Frustrating to write something and have it gather dust.

4.4.16 Update: Rejected again today. First time it was rejected for referencing this blog in the endnote. Revised, put in a very oblique reference to a link on my author’s page. Zinged again. A reference to just check my author’s page added this time, and a kind note to post by 4.7.16 – or to not bother posting it at all. I would assume that’s clear enough. If that comes about, I’ll post the last chapters of By Lifting Winds Forgot AND The Ceremony of Innocence here starting Friday 4.8.16, until I can find a new home base for my work, at which time I’ll make an announcement here on the blog. More than a few former authors who’ve used Literotica in the past have contacted me about their own experiences there, and why they left. Bad enough to write for free, but then again 99% of all writers today write for the simple joy of it. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing; someone who thinks they might enjoy it can work out the kinks, see if they really enjoy the process, the actual work involved. Still, after posting on Literotica for eleven years, after they have, in effect profited from my labors for a decade, I’d like to think I’ve earned at least a little respect from them. Well, as they say, c’est la vie. I think the reality is more simple, however. When you don’t pay someone for their labor you begin to feel like you can take advantage of them. Or maybe I’m just off base.

re: Ceremony of Innocence Ch2. Dear God, I never knew so many people differentiated between “magazines” and “clips”. Back in the day, when we were on the range one would casually say something like “throw me another clip, would you?” We just didn’t know, you know? Whether it was an AR-15, or an M-16, or a Sig-P226 or an H&K PSG-9 (the things I’m most familiar with) – we always used the word “clips” when referring to magazines. I’d reckon in the military things are a little different…call them clips and you end up doing a hundred push-ups or running ten miles, but hell, our range-masters were all FBI trained. Or maybe it’s Alzheimer’s, and my mind is going? Anyway, next time I write something like this I’ll try to remember…(!) Magazines, not clips!

4.4.16 Update: Chapter 3 (of Ceremony) is finished (I’ll not post this chapter until the final chapter of By Lifting Winds Forgot is posted, wherever that is); the Israeli/Project Hyperion storyline came to me one night (on patrol, of all things) and as is  my habit, I jotted down these ideas and filed them away for future use. So, penciled notes in a file now over thirty years old, finally coming to life.

But here’s the funny thing about time vs memory.

Thirty years locked away in the memory warehouse, and I pull out that folded-up paper, look at my handwriting from 1984 on this old piece of paper and BAM! It’s like I’m sitting back in an old patrol car again, writing reports an hour before shift change…and suddenly this idea for a story comes along. Well, they’ve always come to me like that…and I’ve always tried to carry a little notepad for just those moments. Flying, sailing, even skiing, and always in my briefcase, so always when I was on the street. Ideas like these are fleeting; I liked this one and wrote it down.

Stories are like puzzles, in a way, or they evolve into puzzles. Taking old memories, or ideas for stories that are, in a way, placed in memory, and then trying to put all the pieces together in a way that (hopefully) paints the intended picture: that’s the way these things take shape. As I’ve mentioned before, music is integral to the process. Writing at the keyboard, listening to an old favorite that pops to mind while I read my notes – the emotions released by music help shape and form the words as I write, and that’s why I keep referencing the idea.

Still, the pieces to the puzzle are not so precise. More than one outcome can be rendered when ideas and music mix, and that’s the tricky part of this process. These thoughts, these memories are like echoes. Distorted a little, by time, waiting for clarity. Clarity derived from writing, from exposing memories to the light of day.

Speaking of puzzles, again. When TimeShadow first came to life one set of ideas was used, only one outcome was foreseen. Then, along comes Nightside, and folding that into TimeShadow will lead to a different, and I hope, much more interesting outcome.

That’s been going on with Ceremony, too. You’ll see that, I hope, in Chapter 3. And where Time, Like a River takes us, too. Not everything is exactly what it seems, not everyone is a cardboard cutout “Good Guy” – and it’s those twists and turns that will take this story from history to irony…and maybe, hopefully on to something a little more meaningful.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the whole music thing, maybe some of you would like to listen to a few of the things I write to – while you read along. To that end, here’re some highlights recent playlist: Ulrich Schnauss (A Forgotten Birthday, Medusa, Never Be The Same, Stars, Gone Forever); Chicane (Offshore, So Far Out To Sea, Hiding All The Stars); Spock’s Beard (Revelation, I Know Your Secret) and most importantly, Sinatra’s One Note Samba. I can never get enough of that one. Oddly enough, most of these tracks have been recommended to me by readers – and other friends.

Well, back to the drawing board. Thanks for dropping by, and for poking through the memory warehouse with me once again.  A

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