Passegiatta & other details

So, to recap.

Ceremony of Innocence is finished, waiting now to see where this is going to post. This latest “last chapter” is waiting for the other last chapter (of Beyond Lifting Winds Forgot) to post. which after just about three weeks remains un-posted by Literorica. Patience has flat worn out now. C’est la vie.

Which brings me full circle, back to Passegiatta, the story where this whole thing began.

Passegiatta remains one of my favorite stories, if not my very favorite story, so let me digress a bit and explain some of the background. There’s a lot of me, and of my experience, in that story, and some of my father seeps in from time to time as well. My father, a pilot in the war (and I guess we’re to the point now where we have to differentiate between wars, so for the record, that’s WWII), and a close friend of my father’s – on whose experience Paul Goodwin’s mission to Milan, and his eventual “dropping in” to Portofino is based – informed and shaped most of my experience as a kid. I soloed on my sixteenth birthday, the first day legally possible, and I did so at 0800 in a Cessna 150. About three hours later I did my multi-engine check ride in my dad’s Baron. Impossible, yes, but I already had 300 hours in my logbook. My dad was, as it turns out, a CFI-II, an instructor (USMC trained, as well) and a real hard-ass flyer…a Great Santini, in the flesh. He was a great pilot and a natural instructor, too. Oh, the stories I could tell about some of my better (read: real clusterfucks) mistakes…

So, Passegiatta, and the dolphins, and this new trilogy. Yes, they’re interconnected.

One of the things I truly dislike about Passegiatta (as currently posted on Literotica) is the fragmented, serialized nature of the posting itself. Having to stop and download the next chapter is maddening to me, and 14 chapters just becomes an exercise in frustration (again, that’s me).

So, while waiting to see what Literotica is going to do, and while tinkering with the next part of the trilogy (Time, like a River), I’ve pulled out Passegiatta and begun a major restructuring of the story. AND tweaking the storyline as I go, to place a few signposts along the way, linking Tom Goodwin’s story to the characters in both Beyond & Ceremony – which means Goodwin becomes a larger element within the greater Driftwood cycle – so yes, he’ll show up in the very complicated Evening at the Carnival with Mr Christian, as well. He’s already in Driftwood, by the way, though obliquely. The Salzburg panel of the triptych (the man standing in the dark, looking at the painting of a boat in a small harbor…being asked “do you remember?” by JS Bach), but the story needs a little more oomph for the connection to stand out, some details need to be ironed out for the connection to be clear.

I think I wrote enough in a post a few weeks ago about marine mammals and my time on sailboats. Passegiatta was the story that set me on this course. Linking all these disparate storylines has become consuming, for me as a writer, and I hope when you have the finished product in hand (so to speak) you’ll find the results interesting, worth your time.

I mentioned going to a surgeon a few posts back. I’m going to have to do some of that stuff soon, too, but I’ll put it off as long as possible. I’d like to get most of this story finished by summer, so that’s the timeframe. Only Mr Christian will remain, and he’s finished, ready to go, so he’ll visit you in October.

Gracias for coming along, and adios. ‘Til next time.  A

2 thoughts on “Passegiatta & other details

  1. It lived up to the anticipation.
    I would like to request permission to copy the 3rd part to a document for reading off line.
    If this is not ok, just let me know.



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