WIP Time, Like a River

Laffingstock Spring

Busy up here at Chaos Manor. Snows finally melting, enough, anyway, to see how much yard work waits in the next few weeks. The ice covered lake on the valley floor shows little signs of thawing yet, with some ice pulling back from the shore just visible, but that’s it. It’s still in the low 20s and teens here at night, but very warm by midday, and we ended up with over 400 inches of snow this winter. Oh, that gray thing in the image above is Laffingstock Observatory. There are a couple of telescopes in there, and a couple of astro-cameras. How else can you stay amused during our long winter nights?

Been visited by both a trio of wolves and a little mountain lion in the past week; the lion is almost cute, but I think she’s not long for this life if she starts bugging some of the residents around here. She’s obviously hungry, and there are enough dogs up here to cause her grief, let alone youngsters who could tangle with her and get in serious trouble with the grownups.

Work on Time, Like a River continues. I’d say look for her either late this weekend or early next week. I’m also working on a couple more re-writes from Literotica, but once these are done I’ll be lost to some serious deck building for a month or so, not to mention a new coat of paint on the house. Then Awaken. I need to spend some serious time with her this summer.

I guess the good thing about this whole story arc is that An Evening at the Carnival with Mr Christian is 99.9% complete, has been for years, but still, I doubt you’ll be able to figure out where this story is headed after completing the Journey from Driftwood trilogy – but I could be wrong (he said, with a smile on his face…).

So, just an update – in case you were wondering… Thanks for stopping by. Aa


4 thoughts on “WIP Time, Like a River

  1. or when pouring cups of tea at home you find yourselves back in the restaurant, as time does a hiccup?
    Is there a blue orb nearby?


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