Life 101: Take Me to the Pilot


What was that old, old song? Elton John’s Take Me To The Pilot (For Control)?

Girlfriend flipped and rolled her car a couple of days ago, surgery this morning on her sternum, two vertebrae and left leg. I doubt I’ll be posting much here for a week or so, but wanted to at least fire off a quick note in case anyone’s listening…

I was working on a consolidation off Driftwood and a few older Literotica works; I’ll start working on them at night and post when they look ready.

Thanks for dropping by.



12 thoughts on “Life 101: Take Me to the Pilot

  1. Thanks, RB. Right now it looks like a long one. Bad breaks on the left leg and two minor breaks elsewhere, but the prognosis is good as long as her spirits hold up. Moving her to a physical rehab hospital in the morning.


  2. RB: She’s in a rehab hospital outside of Denver, has been for almost two weeks now (but I’m losing track of time!). And it’s a four hour drive from here (Steamboat Springs) to there, so a pain in the rear to go down for a visit. Not to mention all the paperwork that attends a situation like this, which has been keeping me busy – and amused. Her Subaru looks like a pretzel, but the things saved her life. Went over a minor cliff, about a 25 foot fall into a rocky creek, so she’s lucky to be alive.
    Looks like she may be coming home next week, complete with a nice, new foot long zipper over her left knee and staples here and there holding her together. She won’t be able to put weight on that leg for months, so fitting out the house with all kinds of doo-dads to help her get around, building a wheelchair ramp, etc., as fast as I can.
    Me? Hell, I feel like I’m running backwards, but Heidi (Springer #3) has been my lifesaver. She reads me like a book, cuddles up under my chin at night and literally holds my hand until I fall asleep. Not sure I could make sense of this world without my pups, but she’s a minor miracle…
    So yeah, that’s life at Chaos Manor.
    Appreciate hearing from you. Trying to figure out how to write during all this has proven elusive, but I’ll get there. Once Erica is settled…
    Later, Aa


  3. Wow, sorry for your girlfriend. Wishing her a full and complete recovery. I have to say I finished “time like a river flowing” last night-you have me sucked in, I wish we didnt have to wait until October for the grand finale. Dont know how you will conclude this sci fi adventure, but it is fun to read. You get into some deep philosophical questions, what is he nature of man, can good and evil coexist, are religions fairy tales or not…..Have to say dont like your politics, as much as I can discern from your writings, but love how you present your ideas. Best wishes for a great summer.

    I have a daughter in Glendevey CO, is that anywhere near you?


    • Glendevey? On the map it looks to be about 30 miles away – as the crow flies – but that means little up here. Still, the area she lives in is gorgeous. I ride my GS in the area from time to time, some truly spectacular passes in the neighborhood. My place is closer to Steamboat Springs, on the west side of the Rockies and in open range country. Lots of cattle and sheep grazing around right now, most of the snow gone now too. Had about three inches of hail last week though. Killed my tulips.
      Politics? I’m not sure I have any, beyond a sense of disbelief about the state of despair I feel in the air over the increasing polarization of views. I used to enjoy listening to people talk about these things, but there’s simply too much hatred floating around these days to learn anything.


  4. Ted: Erica is holding her own now, doing lots better – walking easier, smiling most all the time. She’s been my sunshine for a long time now, and I was beginning to miss it.
    My big optho appointment is Tuesday, so a bit apprehensive. Been cool, lots of rain so I”ve not been able to get as much painting done on the house as I’d have liked, but this week’s forecast is looking good.
    Working on five – yes, five – stories right now. Fun, too.
    All in all, I’d say this summer has been like juggling rattlesnakes, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.
    And how’re things up your way?


  5. How can you tell it is summer? All the smoke in the air. Missed seeing the meteor shower this year but the sunsets are a spectacular forest fire orange.
    I can only imagine it nice to see the smiles again.


    • We’ve a large fire near Walden, CO, (about 20 miles east of here) that’s been burning out of control all summer, but prevailing winds keep that stuff away. All the crud in the air from California’s fires does get here, but you probably see more impact where you are. Still, while the sunsets are something else, for me the real action starts around midnight. Globular clusters! Oh, how I love those things…
      After my wife passed, I went about five years by myself. That period was also when I started writing, and one of the things I learned from the exercise is that loneliness is a brutal, very self limiting exercise. And that loneliness is a form of self-imposed exile. A few readers emailed and told me I needed to get back out into the world, so in many ways writing has helped reshape these latter years. I didn’t expect to meet people by writing stories, but that’s been one of the many positive outcomes.


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