Wings and words

Well, The Secret Life of Wings posted at Lit yesterday, and it seems generally well received. Gratifying to read mine isn’t the only family to have heard such laughter. Rightbank nailed it: it was a feeling, one of the most significant moments of my life, my father’s, too, and I’d hazard to say his as well. One comment about expanding this into a novel hit home too, as I’d already started thinking about an outline for such an undertaking when I read that. I think such things constitute a race at this point; me versus time. I guess starting to think about going to the ophthalmologist next week is keeping me up at night.

And speaking of night skies…did you see this one?


From space “On Aug. 13th in China, photographer Phebe Pan was photographing the night sky, hoping to catch a Perseid meteor. Instead, he witnessed a spectacular bolt of “space lightning.” Working atop Shi Keng Kong, the highest mountain peak in the Guangdong province, “I was using a fisheye lens to capture as much of the sky as possible,” says Pan. “Suddenly we saw a flash of blue and purple ejected from the top of a nearby thundercloud. It just looked like a tree with branches, and grew up very fast. So awesome!”

I’m in my observatory several nights a month, especially over summer months, and have NEVER seen anything like this before. And I’m not quite sure what I would do if I had! That streak looks like something straight out of The War of The Worlds, but the sheer luck of catching it on (ahem) film is stunning.

We have a large wildfire northeast of here, near Walden, CO, and it’s smoke is making astrophotography a real bear this summer, not to mention the house smells of smoke all the time. Opening the dome is a risk as I hate getting that muck on my scopes, but this is the season of globular clusters and I never can get enough of looking at them.

Gendler M13

Globular Cluster M13 by Rob Gendler

And speaking of bears – and this election season – what’s going on with Trump & Co? The whole Russia thing looks surreal to me at this point, and I don’t think I’m alone thinking this. Trump’s campaign manager tied to slush funds in the Ukraine? Daughter Ivanka reportedly vacationing now with one of Putin’s alleged girlfriends? Everyone wondering if Trump and Putin are more in cahoots than they appear to be, and if so, when will Putin let loose the next salvo of disinformation gleaned from hacking the DNC & HRC?

Then there’s this very unusual article in today’s New Yorker: titled The Very Strange Writings of Putin’s New Chief of Staff, and this seems to be the missing piece in a decidedly toxic brew. Tom Clancy used to write quite a bit about Soviet-style asymmetric warfare, and the use of a so-called psy-op campaign, or Maskirova (as a pre-emptive move featured in the opening of his Red Storm Rising), and I can’t help but think this autumn could become very “interesting” – very quickly.

Anyway, all this “stuff” was floating through the remnants of my jaded white matter last night and I started a new story. I’ll post a few snippets of The Boarder here as soon as it’s through cooking – hopefully this weekend.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by. I promise: I’ll try to keep the socio-political musings to a minimum, but damn! If events seen in the news this summer were in a novel, it’d be labeled (rightfully, I think) far-fetched paranoid prairie muffins.

Well, Happy Trails…

2 thoughts on “Wings and words

  1. When I was a young man, I was convinced that conspiracy theorists shared a common trait of disassociation from reality. Now, after listening to the Trump version of truth, it appears that conspiracy theories ARE reality!


  2. Well, as far as I can tell the two major party nominees are tricksters. I’ve always viewed voting for a third party candidate a wasted vote, but this year? It’s the Artful Dodger vs The One I’ed Monster, so just where does that leave We, The People? Not sure the Founders ever envisioned this kind of hoo-hah.


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