WIP: August breezes

An24 P2

It’s kind of hard to wrap my head around this right now, but it was 31 degrees (f) this morning (here at 8500′ MSL). Some frost out, in other words, and it’s not even September? I’m still painting & staining on the outside of the house and now autumn is breathing down my neck (paints etc. doesn’t set or adhere well below 56 degrees f, or so I’m told)?

So, not too many saw the connection between The Boarder and the series The Starlight Sonata. So, for those who struggled to get through the first posting of Sonata (in 2008, mind you), yes, The Boarder is a prequel to that series, with elements winding throughout. If you haven’t read Sonata (at Lit), don’t bother; I was always amazed any of it earned an Editor’s Choice award and the story posted in ’08 I considered a very rough draft.

A new chapter for TimeShadow nearing completion, and I’m torn. Many have said “Wait, post the entire story when complete!” Others: “Give us what you have as soon as possible!”


The Antonov images? Oh well, guess you’ll have to wait and see.

See you next time.

2 thoughts on “WIP: August breezes

  1. One of the things I don’t miss about NH, especially Hanover, was that you could get a good, hard frost even though the calendar was mockingly telling you it was still summer. In the words of an old timer from Norwich who I worked with over many a summer break, “only two weeks of summer left after the Norwich Fair is over.”


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