Saturday, Between Storms

Sunpeak 6

So, a neighbor called very early Saturday morning, some sort of ‘thing’ had come up and he needed a ride to Ft Collins. That’s about four hours each way, and the forecast was for storms. Big storms. I picked him up a little before sunrise and we took off down US40, heading east from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Sun is coming up in the image above, and those are the “famous Rabbit Ear Peaks” just above the roadway. They’re visible from miles around, and by mid-November the snow will be knee-deep along the sides of the road. By February, snow depths can easily exceed 10 feet.

Sunpeak 7

Above, the Rabbit Ears from about ten miles on, on CO 14 headed NNE for Walden. Storm clouds are over my house just north of Steamboat in this image, and Erica called to report heavy rain and hail.

Sunpeak 5

A few miles down the road the storm is building vertically, with the tops already spreading a little. Very energetic storm, the first band of many that will roll through during the day.

Sunpeak 3

Later that afternoon, eastbound between Glen Echo and Walden, CO, we’re in between bands of storms, but a big one is brewing behind the peaks. This is a fantabulous motorcycle road, by the way.

Sunpeak 2

Heading home below, not far from home, pulled off at 9300 ft MSL. September 3rd, mind you, and the leaves are turning big time already. In the years I’ve been up here these trees haven’t turned until the last week or so of September. We’ve had little rain this summer – until the last week, anyway, and the trees are stressed. I think that’s behind the early turn, but it’s been below freezing several nights the past week too.

Sunpeak 1


Thunder and lightning, lots of rain all night and into the morning. Lost a day of writing (or painting) yesterday, so will be back at it all day today, and will be working on By The Sea, Gently. Feels kind of like a ‘romance’ kind of day, doesn’t it?

Time to put another log on the fire, and thanks for stopping by.

2 thoughts on “Saturday, Between Storms

  1. Darn, we were in Walden last week, shoulda sent you an email we could’ve gotten together. Love your work as you know, waiting for the Circus to come out.


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