Progress notes: Mr Christian & TimeShadow & The Dividing Line


Mr Christian Fly by – image (c)2016 adrian leverkühn

An Evening At The Carnival With Mr Christian has turned out to be incredibly complex (by my standards, anyway), much more so than originally intended and more than I’ve felt comfortable trying before. Driftwood and the post-Driftwood trilogy by themselves present a serpentine storyline, so weaving them into the Mr Christian arc has proven ‘interesting’ – to say the least.

As I’ve mentioned, the story – in it’s entirety – will magically appear here on Halloween, and so far nothing has cropped up to delay this. I’ll post it to Literotica a week or so later, as has been the custom lately.

I’ve received a few queries regarding the sci-fi story TimeShadow. I’m working on the back-story these days, and if that’s not obscure enough for you, consider that the two chapters posted so far titled NightSide and Asynchronous Mud are forming the ‘backbone’ of this ‘backstory.’ By necessity all these stories are being reworked as the main story arc moves along in unexpected directions, but from the beginning that was the intent with NightSide (note the appearance of spheres at critical junctures in these two precursor elements). Also, and I hate to sound repetitive, to me this story is becoming overwhelmingly complicated. I am not one to tinker aimlessly with computers so have never considered an (powerful or otherwise) outlining program, but this is the first time I’ve begun to see the utility of such. The unforeseen consequence? This is a time consuming project, to say the least. Why?

Well, another word or three about the possibility of this story is in order. I want this one to be ‘perfect’ in all respects – and it may appear here when complete, but if it does it will appear without notice, and I doubt that I’ll leave it up longer than a few hours. One other emerging possibility is that I might send a couple of preview copies to a few long time readers from here (and Literotica) with the intent of soliciting feedback(!). I have a close acquaintance (a horribly cute niece, by the by) who works for HBO Showtime and she is very interested in this work – if only as a book, but who knows – so this one will be kept close until it’s final fate is sealed.

One other project of note is taking shape: The Dividing Line.

Yup, my stab at writing a novel – based on the fragment posted at Literotica years ago. In the typed, single spaced world it lives in now this one is 1600 pages short, which means it’s hideously long – probably way too long. It’s thesis is not as particularly focused at this point as I’d like, not as well as it needs to be, but once TimeShadow is put to bed I’ll turn all my attention to this effort – and work on most all other short stories will fall off to a trickle. Hopefully that will lead to more interesting, if longer projects in the future.

I’ll continue to work on The Starlight Sonata this fall, and it will post here when I get it where it needs to be, then of course at Literotica, but after that things may grow quiet for long stretches  (aside from progress notes I post here).

So, more autumn leaves around the valley this week, going to be around 25 degrees F here tonight. Almost all painting on the house is complete, just a few places to get then the paintbrushes and the ladders go into storage for another year and we settle in for the winter. What an odd summer this has been, too. Erica’s accident really knocked us for a loop but we’re moving on now, and she’s much better.

That said, to all who sent notes and prayers concerning her condition, they were much appreciated and have meant a lot to us both. If I haven’t told you lately, thanks for dropping by and reading along. Seeya soon, keep warm and Happy Trails.

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