falling leaves


I’ve lived in so many places, both here in the States and abroad, that sometimes memory plays tricks with me. Places like Zermatt, where I spent – once upon a time – a few weeks after getting married, remain highlights, yet the tricky part of memory is something I touched on in The Memory of Place. How we feel rooted to a place – or places – I guess, seems to me one of the most magical things about life. I can’t think of that valley in Switzerland without an avalanche of memory coming on. Still, this little valley/caldera I now call home ranks right up there with the best of ’em. Whenever I leave I’m always struck by how powerful my attraction to this place is, and how good it feels when I get back. Of course, my little valley puts on her best colors this time of year…

I picked up a new iPhone 7 + down in town today, and these are the first two images to trip her shutter. The panorama (above) stunned me, as there’s a range of light in this image that’s incredible. The shadow detail (bottom right) along the dome’s base shouldn’t be there, not when there’s so much detail showing up in bright areas like the clouds and turning leaves across the valley.


(above) Same shot a few seconds later, panorama mode off, and contrast between highlight and shadow is extreme. Everywhere around the valley all the aspen trees are turning and burning…reds and golds really popping now…and yet…


…this was the scene here last weekend (image out my kitchen window of the shed where I keep my woodworking bench & tools). Two inches of snow, but all in all a rare hit this early in the year.

I got all the painting and staining wrapped up last week, just in time to get a roaring chest cold, so I’m kind of settling in now…going into hibernation mode like the bears who roam outside this window all night long.

Which means…it’s time to start writing again.

Yes, still polishing Mr Christian, getting him ready for his Halloween debut, but I’ve also been working on a rewrite of The Hemingway Maid. I always found the Vesuvian sex scenes in this story more than funny (idiotic, I think), so rather than cut them (as has been my practice lately) I thought it might be more fun to turn up the volume – so to speak. I’ll post a rough draft here next week, so please let me know if things got out of hand (couldn’t resist, sorry) before I let her fly, over on Lit.

Anyway, time for more cold meds, and I just got a package from Walther’s – which means two shiny new EMD E8A units in Texas & Pacific Eagle paint await my prying hands. Christmas in September, I suppose, then it’s back to the Mac for some serious writing this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by…we’ll have some new stuff up shortly.

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