Somewhere, under the rainbow

So…driving back from town yesterday…

Turned off the highway into this little village I pass through on the way home and there, over the last few houses before I head up that valley under the rainbow, was this little arc. Quite a handsome fella, I think, not a real show-off and just doing his thing, making life interesting.


Listening to music while I stopped and snapped away, I thought ‘how perfect’…the image and the music. Serendipity, I guess, was the word that came to me. Song titled ‘A Forgotten Birthday’ by Ulrich Schnauss  (album: A Long Way to Fall, and it’s on iTunes, if interested). Give it a listen and think of the possibilities within the moment. The aspen trees have shed their leaves for the year, the world up here seems to be falling asleep, little by little, day by day, and the whole thing made for a cresting wave of, what? Nostalgia? Remembering other autumns? I don’t know yet, but my Octobers have always been full of complex emotions.

Another passing thought – before Mr Christian heads your way. A Kurosawa film, of all things, and an old favorite, title: Ikiru, which means ‘To Live’… The film, particularly the ending (and especially the song Watanabe sings) figures prominently in Mr Christian’s storyline near the end, and if not familiar with the moment I’d recommend watching – before reading.

I keep revising passages, and know that by Monday I just have to STOP and post the thing. Oh, by the by and in the end I decided to combine all previously posted elements of the story, so it’ll release as one huge, inclusive tale. Why? Well, since the originals were posted, every element has been rewritten at least once, in some cases only little tweaks here and there, while in others main arcs of the story have been less than subtly altered. The story was over 400 pages a few days ago, now it’s down to 380 or so as superfluous elements are cut away.

Anyway, somewhere under the rainbow, dreams are born.

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