So, what’s next?


Coming off Mr Christian has been a little like waking from a foggy sleep. Rub the eyes, clear the cobwebs from the windmills and look out the window – and wonder where you are…

Writing something so involved seems to be more than a little emotionally engaging. The experience produces – almost, and I hate to say this – a psychotic state, a place where two realities reside uneasily next to one another. There’s, yeah, that reality, that place where you look out the window and see trees and clouds and a utility bill in your mailbox, and there’s this other one. The one inside the story, the one you created.

Writing a short story, or short stories in the instant case, hasn’t really produced this kind of effect in the past, at least not to this level. When I wrote (and rewrote, and rewrote) Jennifer’s first walk in the woods, when she comes upon the broadsheet, I was writing what I saw in my mind’s eye. Details I can’t describe now, but in the end I cut a lot of it out as such minutia became irrelevant (not to mention a distraction). Still, weaving the past and the present into some kind of alternate future…? Interesting, as Dr Freud said. The choices we make…?

So yes, where to next.

Two old stories posted on Lit are due for revisions. First up, the series The Man From God Only Knows is on the screen right now, to be renamed simply BlackWatch, and this one will probably emerge from the shops first. Next, one that’s troubled me for years, to three parter  – The Starlight Sonata. That poor wretched thing has been open on my desktop for a long time, calling out to me. One of those stories about the past that won’t let go, the Sonata is the kind of story that creates an alternate reality that becomes tough to walk around in, and words on the screen stare out accusingly when I ignore them. Go figure.

All the while, however, work on TimeShadow proceeds apace. This one is the emotional, if not the most practical reality right now. I have the ending, and the framework – so, the time is right. Snow should be here, but it’s too warm out so we get rain; regardless – work outside is at an end and the writing season is upon us. Assuming the eye doesn’t give me too much trouble I should be writing for the next six months!

As always, thanks for reading – and sharing the journey.

4 thoughts on “So, what’s next?

      • Makes sense? On my second time through and what I have learned so far is that there are more questions than answers.
        What are the differences between being alone, solitude, and being lonely? Is it possible to be alone and not be lonely? Yes. Can you be lonely in a crowd/group? Yes. Is solitude a state of mind? Yes. Are being alone and Solitude different? Yes. Can you be alone and not be lonely? Absolutely. Is solitude among others possible? Yes. and. and. and. and
        Have I told you I had a long chat with John? Was at a concert where he and his mates opened for Roy Orbison? Was at a Battle of the Bands in Hastings won by a new group originally from Liverpool by way of Germany? Met them at a private club after singing in the Royal Albert Hall? (Me, not them.)
        Are there links to dimensions I have felt, experienced, seen on the periphery, but wondered about later and even doubted because no one else would believe me if I discussed it with them? Yup
        And that only gets us up to page 6.
        But you knew that


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