When is enough, enough?


So, the question for the day is this.

When is enough, enough?

The number is eleven. As in  eleven feet of snow, so far, this month. We had twelve to date, before January. Let’s see, 12 + 11 = 23, right? I took these pictures yesterday afternoon, by the by, between storms. My Honda snow blower is in denial. I think it wants to run away and hide, but another foot is coming tonight. No such luck, Honda. Eat snow, or die. It’s roof rake time; time to get to work on the roof, again, while you take a rest.

And for your consideration, I give you exhibit B, below.


Note the little arrow. Note the shape of the mound of snow to the right of the little arrow. My old Chevrolet Suburban is under that mound. I pass it now and laugh. I can’t think of anything else to do but laugh.

I’m working on another ‘vignette’ story, similar to last week’s ‘Sketches’ – but different. I’d look for it Friday, or possibly Saturday, depending on the … snow.


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