reflections under the sun + february 2018

Brennan tweet

This “tweet” – from former CIA Director John Brennan – sums up rather well the times we live in. A paranoid, narcissistic psychopath in the White House – and a Republican Congress aiding and abetting his every wish – not to mention the subversion of our constitution. All for the enjoyment of a totalitarian dictator in Russia and his circle of friends, who engineered this calamity – with the tacit cooperation of Wikileaks, Facebook, Twitter, and Fox News – and a few billionaire Cocks in Kansas. As John McCain said, Russia’s was an act of war, and our fearless prostitutes in Washington met this attack as they’ve met all other recent threats to their power. With silence. With contempt for our ideals and for our history. With contempt for all the sacrifices of our fathers, and a blind eye to the future – which will surely hold them in contempt.

It will soon be time for the people to speak, but will our voices count? With each passing week, we learn more and more about how deeply Russia penetrated our voting systems, yet even so, our Congress, the representative of the people and now our very own Parliament of Whores, does nothing. When you think of conspiracy theories proclaiming John Kennedy was taken out after he let it be known he questioned any deeper involvement in Vietnam, you know that was malarkey…or why else has this “Deep State” not sought to remove the most perilous danger our Republic has ever faced.

So, will it act? Will the military move-in to stop this slow-motion train wreck? Take Herr Drumpf to Bellevue, and our Congress to Leavenworth? Will we lose our democracy forever – one way or another? Or will we stand idly by while Trump waits for a terrorist attack to proclaim martial law – and anoint himself President-For-Life? Will we wait for the cornered beast to lash out at the world, take us to the edge of the abyss – or deeper, into the final rabbit hole?

His closest friends think that’s possible now, by the way. They say he’s losing it, or lost it – depending on who you believe – and yet…we hear silence from the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue…and if not silence, a fearsome noise that signifies nothing.

So, dear reader, what plans have you made to see you through this, our time of troubles? Renewed your subscription to Mad Magazine, perhaps?


“Guess who’s #1?” Really? Funny, I always thought of him as #2, but silly me. #1 is reserved for Russian hookers only, I suppose. Just goes to show how wrong some people are.

4 thoughts on “reflections under the sun + february 2018

  1. It’s absolutely sickening to see this man shitting on anything, busy with working on his greatness only and getting rid of the few ones left who were trying to bring in at least some reason. Isn’t he a beautiful role model? And there seems to be no one to stop that. What a mess.

    It’s good to see you attacking the keyboard by the way.

    Best regards


  2. It’s been awfully quiet on the Adrian front lately. Hope you’re doing okay. Seems like you took all the winter weather with you when you left Colorado. We’ve been way too dry this winter. While there’s any amount of fodder for Sundays in the sun, perhaps the frustration level doesn’t bear comment. Believe me I get it. Anyway, hope you return to posting stories and commentary if you’re feeling up to it


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