reflections under the sun

Reflections ALW

The anecdotal evidence is clear, isn’t it? Our constitutional system of checks and balances is no more, an inconvenient truth plowed under by Trump’s Republican Party on its final sprint to the orgy of fascist totalitarianism the party has lusted over for more than eighty years. They’re so close to destroying all they’ve set out to wreck they can almost taste it, and you can feel the disdain in Ryan and McConnell’s vacant stares as they ignore questions from reporters and constituents alike. That the Republican Party has become the largest organized crime syndicate in this country’s history has nothing at all to do with their successes, either. Or does it?

It gets lost in time…the synergies that have carried us to this place. We forget it was corporate sponsors who financed Mussolini and Hitler. We forget the corporate rallying cries to Make Germany Great Again, and Italy. And now, America. Perhaps even variations of the same refrain could be heard in Moscow – eighty years ago – as the disenchanted marched to the strident chords of stoked nationalist angst. How is it the puppets keep forgetting? War and hate are good for business. Why build chemical munitions factories if not to make chemical munitions? Why build cruise missiles if not to use them. There’s no deterrent value if you don’t put on a testosterone display from time to time.

And the word out there now is that the vast majority of so-called millennials have no idea what the Holocaust was all about. Like what happened, to who, and how many perished when one fascist dictator opted to find a Final Solution to the problem of “Jews in our Midst.” How we go about sensitizing ourselves to all our little dehumanizations…it’s just breathtaking, you know? We have such a splendid history of doing so, too. Jim Crow. The Trail of Tears. Manzanar. George Wallace. Donald Trump. The privatized prisons pipeline. Where does all the hate come from? Is it simple self-loathing? Why does so much hate live within religions that profess love? How many internal inconsistencies can we embody before we implode under the weight of our ability to lie to one another. How does an anchor at a Sinclair Broadcasting Network station do it? Get up and lie to the people with a straight face, night after night? But what are the consequences to a people who no longer believe in consequences? What happens when those who go online put on their masks and trash people left and right – and always without consequence? What happens when the Truth stares you in the face – and you turn away, laughing? What happens when you look in the mirror and all you see is dark, empty hatred? What else did you expect to find in Facebook?

Once upon a time we could look at all these inconvenient truths about our world and we could turn away, knowing that all that lay-in-wait, hiding someplace in the future, like a manic Jack-in-the-Box for our children’s children – just waiting to spring on the remnants of our dreams – catch us off-balance, one last time.

But has the thought occurred to you yet? That time is now? We’re there. We are dead to the future now, buried under the weight of all our self-deceptions. Cast away, cut adrift, one more exhausted example of vanity run amok, one next step away from self-extinction. What will historians make of us – a hundred years on? Assuming there are such backward looking people with the time to write about such things. What will be the judgement of these people? Will they turn away in despair, or will they simply laugh at our willful ignorance?

It’s funny, you know? To move forward into the light, only to turn and run for the shadows one more time – screaming – on our way into the very same night. Screaming – as the Truth comes for us, only to find us waiting to come undone. Again. Grasping for an unmoved mover who could care less.

We are standing in a vast, barren field under the sun, only there are no shadows left. The ravens gather at our feet, patiently waiting, knowing their time has come.


4 thoughts on “reflections under the sun

  1. Saw you posted Cocovado over on Lit. No doubt your fans appreciated it. Glad to know you’re still out there although I have to say I’ve missed your Sunday posts. Anymore, I’m sure it’s pretty near impossible to decide where to go or what to say with the vast quantity of “material” provided by the administration and their sycophants and apologists in Congress. To quote-ish James Watt, “… what does it matter that [we screw everything up], we’re all honing to be dead someday anyway. “. While I’m not a fan of Reagan, at least he had the balls to fire the guy. Herr Drumpf would more than likely promote him. Well, keep hanging and share with us when you can…….


    • I’ve simply come to a place where I can no longer dwell in the hopelessness Trump represents. Everyone is suffused in the evil and hatred this man-child has visited on us and what more can I bring to this darkness other than “more of the same.” Its time for me to focus on writing stories about what matters most…about love and light.


  2. Couldn’t agree more, and the apologists with their “Clinton was impeached for lying” and no response but the silence of those that we should expect to stand up and defend all that America stands for is unbelievable. Well, maybe except for John McCain. Well, I welcome more stories and will look forward to postings. As always, thanks for keeping us thoughtfully entertained; a little escapism is good tonic for the soul.


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