Gnews 12.7.21

Trump finger

You know, once upon a time the world was a simpler place, then it was like there was this colossal rip in the space-time continuum and out popped Trump – and the world just hasn’t been the same since. Hell, it’s not even his fault, not really. He is what he is and it’s not like people weren’t out there warning us. You know, like Mein Kampf on his bedside table? Really? Anyway, a few hours after the election in 2016 I churned out that dismal short story I titled Blood and as a result a bunch of the stuff I’d posted here over the years, anything with even the slightest hint of political overtones, I summarily trashed. I mean, really, what was the point? I don’t do Hate. It’s a black hole, and that’s no place to dance.

But I’m still kind of wandering in that desert, like many of us, I suspect. The whole Big Lie thing has left me feeling strangely empty, almost defeated, and in an ‘inmates running the asylum’ kind of way. The election was supposed to wipe all that crap out of existence, wasn’t it? But Trump is the gift that keeps on giving.

Back in 2015 I liked to posit that there is, roughly speaking, a statistic (from the American Psychological Association) that claims something like 18-19% of the population of the United States could legitimately be classified as having an undiagnosed schizo-affective disorder. So go ahead. Do the math. Roughly 330 million people in the US and let’s go with 18% (just to be nice) and what do you get? Well, 59.4 million undiagnosed schizophrenics. How many of these folks voted for Trump is anyone’s guess but as far as I’m concerned I’d say about a hundred and two percent went for him – in both ’16 and in ’20…and there you go…the inmates are making a play for the asylum. When you look at things like Q-Anon and all the unfiltered propaganda being broadcast these days, disinformation that just about any sane human being ought to be able to see through, this little statistical anomaly begins to feel a little too weird for comfort. And these polite folk want to strip voting rights from a whole bunch of people, too.

But I’m no political pundit, nor do I have any desire to be so engaged. There are already too many illiterates out there spewing nonsense, so there’s no need to add my voice to the noise. Because…all you need is love, right?


Yeah. Yes. Awaken. An image I took of them in concert in Denver in 2016 (above), right after the election. Someone in the audience was asking Jon Anderson what he thought about things now that Trump was (then) the president-elect. In typical Anderson fashion he said the best thing would be to just “surround yourself with Love” … uh-huh, that’s what he said.

Yeah, so after four years of Trump here’s the new Jon Anderson.

I mean really…what can you say?


So, lot’s of exciting stuff about voting rights in the news these days, right? But wait…go ahead and admit it, you’re a Doobie Brothers fan, aren’t you? Everyone is, right? Well, fresh off the press this morning was a new Doobies vid on the tube, and it’s worth a watch in a timely kind of way. Another blast from the past, ya know? The truth hurts, don’t it? Because every picture tells a story. At least when you open your eyes…

But maybe things feel so weird because, well, maybe we just need to reconnect with our past, ya know? I mean, right about now the past is looking pretty damn good…what with 1.4 million acres of forests on fire out west and with temperature records falling like dominoes day after day in cities like Portland and Seattle. And 89% of Republicans still think climate change is a hoax. Just like vaccines are a government mind control plot of the new Democratic Party SS.

So what’s next? Disco, perhaps, will make a comeback?

So, does anyone remember the Bee Gees? The Crown Princes of Disco? Well, apparently the Foo Fighters remember them, and the more comfortable times of disco too, because, well, hell, you just got to click this link and go see for yourself. And mark your calendars, please, ’cause they’re releasing a new album of this stuff on the 17th.

Really, you just can’t make this shit up fast enough. Reading the news these days is called Doomscrolling. Any wonder why?

So here we are. Is reading fiction our last refuge of hope? Is that why I’m writing, and why you’re reading?

Well, if you’ve read this far why not try something new, if you haven’t already. Michael Edwards is a reader here, but he’s also putting out some interesting stories you might find worth your while, so try this link and have a look around.

I’m not sure how many of you will take to this kind of post, but the last time I posted stuff like this I got an earful. But please, spare me the Hate, ’cause I’m dancin’ as fast as I can.

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