Gnews (22.7.21)

Red Dawn

“I’m sorry, but it’s too late.”

That’s what ER docs are telling Covid-19 patients who present in the hospital with the debilitating respiratory collapse that accompanies many patients. It used to be just the elderly and the immune compromised, but now the infection is showing up in middle aged patients, those in their 30s and 40s. And this despite the almost unprecedented push by President Biden to get the population vaccinated.

So? What went wrong?

Well, in a word or two, this is what went wrong”

Vaccine disinformation, part of a growing Republican dominated propaganda matrix, has characterized almost all recent opinion pieces on Fox’s evening prime-time programming. And why, you might ask, would they do this? Well, one obvious reason is that fear sells, and stoking the fires of division helps keep their base energized, and fearful.

But these vast echo chambers are killing people even with Trump out of office, and these organs of Republican propaganda are utilizing the public’s airwaves to do so. Where is the FCC in all this? Why can’t they just yank Fox’s operating permits?

Well, because our First Amendment enshrines everyone’s right to disseminate information – at least until it can be shown to a court that a challenged media enterprise is no longer operating in the public good.

And guess what? Suits are being filed, two so far this week, to shut down Fox due to their heavily biased presentation of the vaccine’s risks. Will the courts act fast enough to prevent even more carnage? And anyway, just why is Fox really doing this? What on earth is the Murdoch clans real objective here? Tear down America? If so, they’re doing a splendid job of it.

Ever since Richard Nixon stood in front of the cameras pronouncing “I am not a crook” – while most assuredly being a crook of the highest order – Republicans have embraced deceit as the best way to get and maintain power. Obviously, a situation like this can not endure.


“I’m sorry, but it’s too late.”

It’s not hard to imagine climate scientists not saying something along those lines right about now.

Tipping points? What tipping points? Seen the film Climate Emergency?

Let’s see, just in case you missed it, there’s over four million acres of forest on fire in northeast Siberia, almost two hundred wildfires are torching the western U.S. – including fifty fires classified as large and not contained, and Oregon’s first 400,000 acre wildfire. Smoke from these fires has spread across North America, by the way, with nasty air quality blanketing cities from the Midwest to New England. Northern Finland is roasting, but so too is Ireland, and our air quality is plummeting, our oceans are turning to acid, while arctic permafrost is releasing gigatons of methane, a greenhouse gas more potent than CO2.

And while the American southeast is catching one storm after another, leading to epic flooding, these storms are roaming right up the Atlantic seaboard and drenching cities from North Carolina to Maine. Not to be outdone, the worst flooding in a thousand years hit southwest Germany last weekend, and now, today, more epic flooding is hitting southeast China – just one more “thousand-year” event in a year full of thousand year events. But why all the rain? Because a warming atmosphere simply holds more moisture, so when a heat dome sucks all the ground water out of the western US the jet stream comes along and pushes all that moisture to Alabama and Mississippi. It ain’t rocket science, y’all. Been predicted for 70 years, by ExxonMobil scientists.


And our billionaires are at it again! Branson and Bezos have their astronaut wings now and yeah, sure, their accomplishments are real and in a way quite praiseworthy. I mean, well, it IS an accomplishment to start from scratch and build an entire launch ecosystem that actually works, but let’s hope these efforts lead to more than a handful of joyrides for the well-to-do and their mistresses. Bezos envisions moving all of our polluting enterprises to orbit and trying to keep earth pristine, yet energy is energy and moving gigatons of heavy machinery into even a low earth orbit would require gigatons of launch energy, said exhaust getting dumped into our atmosphere. One space shuttle launch dumped almost as much crap into the atmosphere as all the world’s automobiles in a day. How many such launches can the atmosphere take before it simply ceases to function in a way that supports life here on the surface?

Or is that the missing piece of the puzzle?

Elon and his Boring Company are rapidly developing the means to bore tunnels quickly and affordably into just about any material, so is it a stretch to imagine moving Los Angeles moving under the Santa Monica Mountains as the surface becomes uninhabitable (I know, that would make for an interesting problem in earthquake resilience, ya know…)?


Not unexpectedly, life expectancy in the United States is falling like a rock, with Covid-19 a leading measure in the latest increase. But do you have any idea what the leading entry was in our latest increase? How does ‘Deaths of Despair’ sound.

Deaths of Depair. Let that one roll around in your head for a day or two – as you tune into Fox News for your daily dose of fear. What? Me worry?


So, when does all this reach critical mass? When will Millennials and the so-called Gen-Z exercise their Second Amendment rights? When will the 99% go after the 1%?

See the problem? Time waits for no one, not even Marie Antoinette, or Tucker Carlson.

4 thoughts on “Gnews (22.7.21)

  1. AL,
    Let’s not forget that as the latest spike in Covid disease and death rises among the un-inoculated, due in no small part to the disinformation of Fox and other mind bending media and “social” messaging outlets as they fuel (fool) the doubtful and even those egotists who feel that everyone else should get inoculated so that their herd is safe.
    Covid is thinning the ranks in an age-old process.
    Supposing that those who fancy themselves to be “conservative” and/or fundamentalist of one stripe or another (who seem to believe that God will save them by some process other than vaccination) are genetically predisposed to such weakness of mind, the old punchline “Hay you! Out of the shallow end (of the genre pool)” is meaningful.
    It is an ugly and expensive process for humankind, but is selectively thinning the Fox audience.
    Recent news has it that is that the preponderance of Fox personalities have been inoculated — leading one to wonder why the leadership is covering their bases while endangering their followers. Or could they, themselves, be misled by a large, orange, also inoculated, egotistical freak who basks in the dimming limelight as he pretends that everything is back to normal (including having won a recent election).
    This recently to Charlie KIrk, founder and CEO of something called Turning Point USA as he brags about (and fund raises for) preventing colleges and universities from requiring Covid inoculation of students and staff:
    Mr. Kirk,
    You are, indeed, an idiot and shill for a school of thought that helps assure that the summer resurgence of Covid-19 infection in the un-vaccinated — particularly young adults — will be severe.
    Rest assured, there will be unnecessary death and injury as the result of your politically-motivated actions — deaths that I hope will haunt you for the remainder of your sycophantly-addled life. _______________________________
    You AL, are preaching to the choir in many reassuring ways. The parallels you began to drew some time ago to the decline of Germany prior to WWII among the most thought provoking.
    Keep up the good work. Its nice to know that there are at least a few others who understand.


    • I really don’t know if we’ve finally reached our Weimar moment, or perhaps our Marcus Aurelius moment. Once upon a time, the ancients thought highly of the idea of philosopher kings as leaders, with obvious consequences like hereditary conflict not quite taken into account. It feels like we are close to the edge right NOW, dancing on the proverbial volcano, and quite literally anything could happen. Perhaps only a handful of people know what that might be, or if there’s any way to change outcomes. I guess we just hang on for the ride.


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