A little update

Well, I woke up at four in the morning on Monday with an elephant standing right in the middle of my chest. A quick trip to the ER confirmed my own brilliantly off-the-cuff diagnosis: I was having a heart attack. I few hours later I was watching (in disbelief, believe me) a ballet of trauma nurses and heart surgeons getting me ready for…something really painful.

So, my writing output will pickup once again now that I’m reasonably conscious and sitting up again. And in case any of you think this was an awful experience…? Nope, not at all. All six of the nurses were seriously gorgeous and one of them had some sort of weed-whacker and she was trimming the hair on the insides of my thighs. Then my bush. Now, seriously, you know you’d have enjoyed it too. Go ahead, admit it. Hell, even she was grinning. Perhaps it was something I said…?

So…Merry Christmas, y’all! Hopefully I can organize my thoughts and get some words down on paper in a day or three. If not, y’all get out there and cook a turkey or a goose, do something Christmasy. Maybe one day we can all get together over cold glasses of something fun and tell dirty jokes while the sun goes down.

’til then…


13 thoughts on “A little update

  1. Glad you’re still with us. Maybe I’ll come to Oshkosh this year. How far from there are you? Anyway focus on following the instructions for a recovery. Best wishes for a healthy, prosperous and fulfilling New Year.


  2. Wow…best wishes for a speedy recovery! It has been awhile since you updated Come Alive on the other website, and I found your link on you biography to just now catch up with your health news. May 2021 bring you great health, and lots of inspiration for future stories! Best Wishes, Earl


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