Seasoned Greetings


Been rather quiet around here, or at least it might seem so after such a long time without new work posting. The truth is rather less pleasant and far too bothersome to go into, but pardon me for not going down that road.

I had started a new story before everything hit the fan and it’s almost complete. Hopefully it will post soon so if interested keep your eyes open.

Hard to imagine that a year ago the status quo ante still appeared solid; Putin was still all crazy bluster but at least the center was still holding. My, what a difference a year makes. Eastern Ukraine is a medieval no-man’s land and we are all perched on the knife edge of another paranoid fascist’s dream. I remember Kennedy on the TV talking about Cuba and Russian missiles so the sense of deja vu is all a little too uncomfortable right now, but in truth there’s little we can do but fill our lives with love and understanding.

Speaking of music, this popped a few months back and is a fresh voice…the next generation, I reckon. It feels rather 1950s to me, almost like Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee running on the beach, but it hits all the right spots.

I wanted to wish all of you the peace to enjoy the people around you, and to reach out and share what you might with a stranger to two. One thing seems certain, however:


9 thoughts on “Seasoned Greetings

    • Been close to the edge a couple of times the last few weeks, big operation coming up in early January. Tried writing in the hospital but the atmosphere was too damn depressing and everything about the place fouled the words on the page – which meant write and re-write and on and on and… Home for the next week or so and I’d like to wrap this one up, but first I’ve got to be able to sit at the desk…!


  1. Ps. You might find this vid site on utubby v helpful b4 and after op.
    Sapien Medicine
    Then find a vid that suits ur needs doing it 2x daily.
    How’s 432hz coming along?
    All the best with ur op.


  2. I hope you receive this doing well. Your latest has been wonderful, perhaps your greatest. Otters…..

    I was a little too young to remember the bay of pigs, but I get the point. You certainly can not teach an old dog new tricks.

    best wishes……………….tim


    • Sorry for being so quiet of late, but work is proceeding nicely along three fronts. The big cop story is taking all my energy right now (about 400 pages so far), but work on a sequel to Hyperion is well underway too, and I’m also in the rough reorganization phase of the Callahan/Taggart/Orca arc. Health is decent after the latest round of surgeries, so no complaints there. If I pop off and kick the bucket I have someone that will post the news, but until then I’ve now worn out a third Apple keyboard in four years and number four is in the mail. Life couldn’t be sweeter, but at this stage of the game just waking up and seeing the sun shining is a fine thing. Glad you enjoyed the Otter tale, more to come if time permits.


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