Howdy, and thanks for dropping by. Feel free to browse around the ‘categories’ list over to your right, and although the site’s NAV features are clumsy at best (I’m not that computer literate…) you might find something of interest. If you’re looking for a particular story you may want to post a comment here and let me know; I read all comments daily and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a link or directions.

Happy trails.



20 thoughts on “About

  1. Just wanted to say thank you. I have been enjoying your writing only recently, and then accidentally discovered you were no long going to leave stores at literotica. Figured I’d better get the lead out and send a note of appreciation. I live in the Pacific NorthWest, Port Townsend area. I still work to sustain myself, even though it should be retirement time. One of those failed to plan things and got old too soon. Raised the family, went through divorces, etc. Now what? Just enjoying what parts of life I can and stay in touch with friends and son. Daughters must’ve seen right through me and broke connections. I just hope you continue to write and post. Thanks


    • I’m still posting at Literotica, but typically post here on my site first. If the story I’ve just finished is completely inappropriate for Literotica it stays here, and only here, for the time being.
      So, thanks for coming along!
      I’ve sailed in your area, used to keep a little sailboat on Lake Union. Kind of like heaven in that part of the world.
      Getting old seems now to be a series of narrowing options, so I guess the trick at this stage of life is to do the things that create the greatest good for the greatest number, yourself included. It’s a balancing act, too, and one where “good” seems elusive.
      Keep in touch, and you’re welcome for the stories. I’ll keep writing til I can’t.


  2. Just “discovered” your stories on Lit two days ago. Really like Starlight Sonata! It is very unusual, but very interesting. Is it finished here? Or going to post at Lit?


  3. Just a note to say Thank You for all the wonderful entertainment that you’ve brought to mine , and it seems many other folks lives .
    Your “Lift on a Wave” is one of my favorite stories that you’ve written .
    Thank you . Fair winds and following seas my friend .


  4. Adrian…love your spy tales! Found you on lit. and from there to this site. Especially liked your latest one based in Maine but couldn’t leave stars or comment so I’m doing it here, it deserves a 5* and a Thank You! My new gal and I are having too much fun reading your stories to each other and sharing the romance with each other, Again, Thanks.


  5. Reaad “In Silent Water” again. I can’t find it here. Is it on Lit only? Or am I not looking in the right spot. I can’t find a whole story listing like on Lit.


    • Most of the stories here on the blog are ones that have been revised in one way or another, so older ones like In Silent Water are just hanging out at LIT. I’ve not found a WordPress blog that has an easy way to show stories posted, one of the drawbacks of this site. I’ve tried to start sorting stories by genre, and there’s a list on the right side where those show up, but it’s not complete yet.


  6. Adrian, long time fan, have read many of your stories and left comments galore. Love your writing, it is very evocative, and big on nautical and aroenautical details that I love.

    If you could possibly take the time to do this, could you give me a list of the story names on Lit, in order to be read, of the fantastical story re the excop, the dolphins, the Israeli mensch matriarch who knows and sees all, and is housed inside the aliens craft? Did you ever finish this tale? YOu had mentioned some ending opus title with “Circus” in it, but I could never find it.

    I made it to the point the world was ending, and the dolphins and import;ant characters were being sucked into the alien spacecraft, I think, it is blurry now.

    I just dont feel like going back by trial and erro trying to figure out what comes first, etc.

    Thx and keep up the good work.


  7. Btw just finished “The Memory of Place” very very good as in keeping with the overall quality of the writing. I did feel the ending was a bit abrupt, no explanation or real insight into the lawyer’s machinations, what drove them, nor what Liz’s role was ongoing. I think a more powerful ending would incorporate Liz into the role of Mom to the baby girl, giving her what she long wanted and forming a triad with Tom and Maddy of sorts. Just a thought, that is the kind of pollyanish endings I desire. But overall quite good and moving as always.


  8. Hey Adrain,
    A fan and reading your works for a long time. Loved your Predator series, and Lift on a Wave is one of my favorite on Literotica. Just wondering why didn’t you open a Patreon account by now?
    With loyal fans (me included) you could be a HIT!

    Anyways, keep doing what you do best.
    God bless you.


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